freeform & non-commercial community radio in madrid, new mexico

Fundraising Event 11/13

Our big semi-annual fundraiser at the Mine Shaft Tavern on Friday the 13th was a great success! Thanks to the generosity of our community, we are able to fund the operations of the station, as well as upgrade our equipment and bolster our facilities. Plus we had a very fun party!

We are LIVE! Launch Day- June 16th, 2015

Here are some pictures from our first few hours on air!

Radio Tower Raised!

The KMRD 96.9FM radio tower has been erected, and our transmission site completed! 

In October, the KMRD team began an intensive build-out of our radio tower and transmission site. This included the fabrication of a radio tower, the construction of an equipment housing shed, the designing of a solar power system, and the installation of transmission equipment. Volunteers pooled their time, resources and expertise to complete the most challenging stage of the process thus far. We are pleased to announce that this major hurtle has been crossed and we are nearly ON-AIR.

The October build-out was a community effort: A local blacksmith fabricated a 25 foot steel mast, and a matching hinged base to support the antenna and allow for its easy maintenance. A local carpenter and general contractor designed and constructed an enclosure to house transmission equipment and solar components. An electrician and solar power expert designed and installed a solar system to power the transmission site. Other volunteers helped by carrying the steel mast to the site overlooking town, hammering copper grounding rods into the rocky hill side, mixing concrete to anchor the mast, digging, drilling, hoisting, or even making PB&J sandwiches to fuel the operation.

Additionally, the KMRD team welcomed help from across the country for the October build. Madrid Community Radio joined forces with Philadelphia based Prometheus Radio Project, an organization that supports the creation of new low-power FM radio stations. Prometheus Technical Director Will Floyd flew to New Mexico to assist with the build-out, and provided invaluable guidance and technical know-how. 

With our transmission site complete and fully operational, we are moving on to finishing work on our on-air studio, and soliciting applications for show hosts and DJs. Stay tuned for more information about how to get involved, and have a show of your own on KMRD 96.9FM!

See photos from our October build below!